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These are some of the things I have worked on in ways which are more complex, more collaborative or outside some of the specifics of my own work. They in no way cover all the things I've done or do - and yes - some of them were even for money. 

Other things I have done for money include : timber and hardware sales, pharmacy assistant, pharmacy accounts, gardening, hospitality, cleaning, more hospitality work, more timber and hardware sales. Accounts, payroll, call centre (incomming), fabrication, installation, after school art classes. On the street sale of fashion makovers and paintballing experiences (comission only). 

One summer I spent a week in a residential house in the outer suburbs with five other girls, where each room was filled with a style of hat. We would take the existing lables off and replace them with another lable for a major chain-store. We had to pack our own lunches, a mini bus picked us up each morning.  

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