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CSI : Innovators in residence

A Disrupt Design project: January to August of 2015,  Leyla Acaroglu and I were the first innovators in residence at the Centre for Social Innovation in Chelsea, NYC. 


We investigated community behaviour with analogue interventions and an action research project. We worked within the community and CSI as a base for Un-School education programs.  

Working as innovators in residence provided a unique position between staff and community member, an allowence to make inquiries and changes with within the space. Many of the interventions were basic space alternations - a full length corkboard to formalise fliers and annoucements, a large scale community calender, changes to the bin system and lanyards with name tags for the building access cards. 


Other aspects quantified access, use and function of community workspace areas. Include the various habbits and decisons of memebers in relation to space and each other. There was also a series of formal interviews regarding aims and intended outcome for the community as well as member experience. 

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