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The un-school of disruptive design

The Un-School of Disruptive Design was founded in 2014 by Leyla Acaroglu. It is an experimental knowledge lab and creative project covering non-traditional education, events and experiences, focused on empowering positive social participation and change. 


Visit the website here and see the full range of projects. The Un-School activities include, classes, fellowship programs, secret dinner parties, verbal fight club, publications and other assorted good times. 

I worked full time as a Creative Producer at The Un-School of Distruptive Design, since the launch in September 2014, until November of this year. It was the project which brought me to New York and has delivered widely diverse experience. Including two fellowship programs, and a successful kickstarter campaign within the inital startup and developement phase. Besides developing creative progam content, my role has included everything from catering to business administration. I've worked on areas of community building, workshop and education programs, supervised interns and co-hosted events. 


I have built one of those spinning game wheels which makes those 'tick tick tick' noises when you spin it, attempted to carry a discounted beer keg on the subway and have extensive experience on analogue experience design, event and play mechanisms. 


As a project it has required adaptability beyond my expectations, new respect for the artform of email and confirmed I will never have a facebook page.

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