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Mexico city fellowship

2015 Un-School of Disruptive Design Project. A 7-day intensive felllowship program based in Mexico City, with 16 participant from 6 countries from more than 100 applications.


Find out more, and see upcoming fellowship programs on the Un-School website here.

The MX fellowship developed the model of a program designed remotely with an in-country host - the amazingly talented Regina Cantu.


The seven day program provides immersive 12 hour days, scheduling food, mentors and experiences within a full program of Un-School curriculum. Focused around sustainability, system thinking and design practices as a problem solving approach for positive social change. The MX program also focused on local enterprise and industry approaches, with a 30 hour design challenge in collaboration with a micro financing organisation.


This was my first time in Mexico. I worked on this project from the innitial selection of aplicants, including scholarship recipients. I also fielded communications and inquiries, as well as organising payment plans and invoices with participants. On the ground in Mexico I provided general logistics assistance and prepartion and execution of all inhouse food catering. This required vegetarian, vegan and gluten free meal and snack options for 20+ people (team included). One meal was delivered on bicycle (shout to the MX ecobici bike share program) with careful bag placement. 

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