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Nyc fellowship 

2015 Un-School of Disruptive Design Project. A 7-day intensive felllowship program based in New York City, with 16 participant from 12 countries from more than 60 applications.


Find out more, and see available upcoming fellowship programs on the Un-School website here. Also check out the short video Columbia University's EdLab shot while they joined us for a day.

The NYC fellowship program was our pilot project on extended, immersive education experiences. Examining peer to peer knowledge transfer, tailored mentorship and experiences within the Un-School curriculum. 


The seven day program provided immersive 12 hour days, food, mentors and experiences; focused around sustainability, system thinking and design practices as a problem solving approach for positive social change. The NYC program had a 24 hour real world design challenge, working with one of the Pakistan's largest T-shirt manufacturers and was primary based at the Centre for Social Innovation


I worked on this project from the innitial selection of aplicants, including scholarship recipients. I also fielded communications and inquiries, as well as general logistics and planning on field trips and transport. I also primary coordinated the food and prodived the in-house catering. Vegetarian, gluten free meal and snack options for 20+ people (team included). Pancakes anyone? I also slept at the Centre for Social Innovation overnight during the 24 hour design challenge. The couches are quite comfortable. 

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