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Kings Ari

I worked on the board of Kings Artist Run Initiative between 2010 to 2013.


Kings Artist-Run is a non- profit, contemporary art space in the Melbourne CBD. It was founded in 2003 and still exists as an art space and studio complex. It exists with a paid administrator and generally a non-hierarchal committee of between about 6-12 people. 

 Arist-run spaces are funny things. They can be highly funed, organised and a twice yearly responsibility and they can be like a giant, broke, disfunctional share-house you're responsible for where the roof leaks and animals dies inside the walls and someone will call you late at night and tell you the front door lock is broken. 

They also change a lot.

They get to be many different things, which is one of the excellent things about them. In Australia and New Zealand they also mean something, for funding and grants and the profit structure - most other places its just another way to describe something run by artists, which probably won't be making any money. 


I wrote grants, selected artists for the program, worked the bar. Worked on special programs, sponcership and kept people informed of where the fusebox is and which walls are made of what. I also had a studio upstairs.

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