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Untitled (Yvette sits in parks)

Doing nothing is remarkably difficult. And ridiculous because it only means every other thing which is not a distraction from the basic moment in front of you. The conversation of your own thinking. It's stupidity. How your shoes squeak as you move your weight across the sole, smell of your sweat and wind blows your hair into your mouth. Physical sensations, other people.

What the point of everything is. How time feels. 

This is an absolute luxury. Sit.

Doing nothing is quite suspicious. This is not meditative, sometimes it's like pulling teeth. People look at you. Inactivity is not a modern condition.


I have been sitting in parks in New York over 2015 (weather allowing) since I read there are 1,800 of them. I try to do this a couple of times a week, I take map screen shots- but that button is a bit screwed on my phone. 


Untitled (Yvette sits in parks) 2015 - current. I sit in a park. I do not read, I do not have a conversation, drink coffee, eat, smoke, catch up on text messages, check my email or listen to music. etc. I sit for 30 mins. In a park. Mostly I think, sometimes I try not thinking. 

One way

The other

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