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Add an engaging title

The blank heading for this blog format is "Add an engaging title".

I don't understand why I'm offended by "engaging"? The intended point of public interaction is to secure some sort of connection of exchange.

Engage = connect, lock in, secure the attention of.

I don't want to add an engaging title, I don't want to something which begs attention or aims to please, I want a title which is pleasing. Pleasing to me.

I want pleasing

I want accuracy

I want simplicity

I want a fucking pony,

and someone to do my laundry and a housemate who doesn't watch endless youtube tutorials about becoming a social media influencer and understands recycling.

I think your pleasure or interest (dear reader) is something is something I would rather not be concerned with. This is blog style like its the 90's and the internet is a boundless gentle confidant on dialup.

This is my idea of concession to the point that I am a marketable commodity, that I am creative, female, young enough, attractive enough, talented enough, that collectively I am some sort of package.

That I should be able to do a better job at this, but I am mad and tired and compromised.

I am scraping by.

I am an artist, who occasionally makes interesting work, who just barely makes enough money to occasionally make interesting work and buy shit like truffle salt and whiskey by running a company of one person who makes things for other people, solves problems for them and loves objects to death and is not sure there should be anything more things ever made in the world.

I am loosing paintwork,

and I am mad because I should be able to do this.

I am trying to find a method of capture and organisation which I find to be accurate.

I wish it wasn't writing. But I also guess it's best to play to your involuntary strengths, and at least words might better help explain why I'm rummaging through your rubbish.

I wish

of thoughts in by brain and things I do.

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