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Hair, 2017. Photographic series

People like my hair too much.

Especially in America, or maybe there has just been more forward discussion. This is not my natural hair colour. I dye it with henna, it's been some version of this colour for maybe 8 years or so. It's been a variety of other colours.

I don't understand the obsession with natural. The amount of interventions involved with human physical appearance are ridiculous, I also let it carry most of my stylistic effort. People don't necessarily see me, because there is a lot of distraction. Anyway, I want to take it off.

Wriggle out of it like snakeskin. Take pictures of your natural hair, cut the hair off and send it to a company, they will recreate it as a wig in 6 weeks and send it back.

This isn't a good picture. At all.

But I feel incredibly awkward about all this and this picture is also somehow quite right. I handpainted the backdrop. I wanted it to match my eyes.

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