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The internet is a slippery thing, I don't do the Facebook, there are not 140 characters I want to hear. I don't need more practice at a fiction construction in the ether where I don't have a double chin in pictures where I look hot at the beach. But it's also not 1980 and the internet is how this shit works. I also believe in some sort of full disclosure - I hate not understanding people's work, especially when I want to.

This is the explanation I would explain to you, in person, if you asked. Relevant and irrelvant information, just stuff I think that matters sometimes. 

Oh. Yeah. I also think authenticity and oversharing on the internet is lame, made up and untrue.


and I also love words and hate them because communication is tricky and all of this is about all the things outside of words, so I will fuck it up and sound like an arse sometimes. 

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