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Things I can



In no particular order probably I can:

Fix your bicycle (full strip/rebuild easy if pre 90's steel)

Basic electrical and plumbing. (non licienced)  Lights a speciality! 

Weld: arc, torch, MIG (but a bit shit)

Solder : electronics and fine metals


House painting

Jewelry (no stone settings)

General timber and construction work : shelves, framing, some furniture.  

Casting : resin, metals (foundry and low temperature)

Mould making : open, multi-piece, rubber and shell and skin types

Garment alteration and construction 

Cut keys, re-key locks (lockwood deadlatches only), mix paint

Categorise Australian fresh water invertabrates to a family level 

Concrete and form work (non structural)

Black and white photography processing

Cold form wrought iron

Carry five dinner places at once

Make coffee

Cut hair


I am not qualified for structural works or broken hearts. 

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