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Untitled (drinking straws)

Untitled (drinking straws), ongoing. Drinking straws, from different establishments, global locations and scale. If I ever manage to fold 63kg (my average weight) I will stop.


This is a thing to do in your spare time.  When you feel like it or if there are attractive straws.


I went to an Indonesian teacher inservice day when I was maybe 11 with my mother. These are traditionally made with palm leaves. Drinking straws are a fun modern alternative. It's something you do, and throw into a jar and occasionally look for different straws in good colours. The world is remarkably homogeneous. 

I have a sack of them these days, a proper sack, santa worthy.


In Melbourne I had this commercial cooking pot I found which I would stuff under the coffee table in the lounge room and throw in folded straws.

To be clear this is a pot which covered all four burners of my regular domestic stove, hilariously, beautifully, oversized.


If you see some really interesting straws, contact me.

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