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Boat ride

Boat ride, 2014. Inflatable boat, water source, destination, protein bars, time. 

This was a thing I did. I was invited to be in this exhibition put together by Melissa Deerson - Field Trip in the Food Court Arts Space in Melbourne's Docklands. It started with a literal field trip; clipboards, an observational worksheet, collected samples. This makes no sense without explaining the Docklands, a vibrant new residential and commercial precinct, a shopping destination adjacent to the central CBD of Melbourne. 

Possibly, one day. It's constructed from ideas currently, reality is just trickier than theory. 

Not many people, too many buildings, too much reclaimed water frontage. Wind and seagulls. The art space actually was a food court, not enough people to eat there. Now its an art space. Better really.  

It's near the river mouth, I lived further upstream. I thought I'd take a little boat ride.

Just in time for the opening.

I I've never rowed a boat. Canoe yes. Sometimes its better to not think about things too much. The boat was a $20 number from K-Mart, I asked my sister to ride and take pictures, she seemed to think it could be dangerous. I figured a life vest never hurt no-one, the helmet probably wasn't necessary. I was extremely over and under prepared, simultaneously.  

I rowed for more than 6 hours, the last part was technically a shipping lane under the freeway. I stopped twice to re-inflate because there was a hole. 


My sister still talks about it.


I regret nothing.


One way

The other

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